10 Benefits of Using Milk of Magnesia for Oily Skin

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Milk of magnesia is also known as magnesium hydroxide. It is ideal for skin care if you have oily skin. Magnesia milk can fight oily skin and spread the smoothness to your skin. It is even available in tablets and liquid form.

How to apply for milk of magnesia? Clean your face thoroughly remove excess moisture. Pat dry with a towel Apply a thin layer of this product on your face with a cotton ball. This has a scale-like lotion like texture, so use a small amount. If you plan to go out, apply your regular makeup. Dab on some loose powder for smoother skin.

Here are the benefits of milk of magnesia for oily skin:

1. Cleans Your Skin

Milk of magnesia can be used to combat the problem of oily skin. This is also a very effective cleanser for oily skin.

2. Use as Primer

Some also use milk ofmagnesia as a primer. This can smooth your skin and make it ready for applying makeup. This has blotting oil properties that can reduce oil production during summers. This is also used to cure seasonal epidemics and other oily skin problems. Milk of magnesia is also applied to the bride's skin to keep the makeup look fresh all day. This also helps the bride to seamlessly look at the photos without the need for retouching. You can also apply this after moisturizing as a very thin layer. Let dry and follow your normal makeup routine.

3. Control of the Extra Shine

Magnesia milk is popularly used as laxative and checks of shine. Milk acts of magnesia as a mask of clay to remove excess oil from your skin.

4. Kills Bacteria

This is useful for killing bacteria on your skin. Since the milk of magnesia contains zinc, it can heal the wounds.

5. Strips Gently Blackheads

Nose strips and facial strips are often used to remove blackheads. Using magnesia milk is an even smoother way to remove blackheads. Lightly cover your affected comedo areas with milk of magnesia and clean with lukewarm water once dry. This is the best way to treat blackheads.

6. Cleanser and Toner

Magnesia milk is one of the best cleansers and toners that can reduce the size of the pores.

7. Removes UnctuosityAnd Tanning

This helps to make your skin clearer, healthier and glowing. Magnesia milk can be applied once a month to get rid of creaminess and tanning.

8. Reduces imperfections

Use milk of magnesia on oily skin. This is useful for preventing skin imperfections and irritations

9. Mask for oily skin

Milk of magnesia is the best facial mask for oily skin. It absorbs excess sebum and balances your complexion. This also helps to neutralize the acids on your skin and heals the acne breakouts. This is a natural ingredient to remove impurities from your skin.

10. Rash Control

Magnesia milk is very effective for the treatment of rashes. This has acidic properties to neutralize acids that cause rashes on oily skin. This is also a disinfectant that prevents the rash from spreading. Dos and Don'ts of the use of milk of magnesia: This can cause dryness and tightness.

Use it only if you have problems related to oily skin. It can cause irritation and peeling This can create a whitish film or "chalky" on your face. Use this in a small amount to treat oily skin.

These are not suggested for use on dry skin. Shake well before opening the bottle of milk of magnesia. If you notice any side effects from using milk of magnesia, stop using the product. Do not use the product too often. Use only 1-2 times a week. Hopefully you will find the post useful.