Big Boss 11 Latest Update Arshi Khan Sapna Chaudhary Hina Khan


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Big Boss 11 Latest Update Arshi Khan Sapna Chaudhary Hina Khan


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Big Boss 11 - Sshivani Durg gets eliminated

Sunday's scene of Weekend Ka Vaar on Bigg Boss 11 went outstandingly smooth. Host Salman Khan reported the removal of Sshivani Durga which was effectively acknowledged by all, including her.

TV performing artists Rithwik Dhanjani and Ravi Dubey were welcomed on the show to bring the soul of Diwali into the house. They 'shopped' for challengers who put on a show to be things like a dhol or a fridge and gave them Bigg Boss cash to purchase things of their need from a store keep running by the show's 'Jallad'.

After Saturday's scene, Jyoti, Sapna Chaudhary and Sshivani Durg were left in a sway about their destiny on the show. In any case, Salman declared that Sshivani will be the one to go out as she got minimal measure of votes.

Salman Khan at that point called Arshi and Shilpa Shinde to the akhara and have a battle recently like a week ago. This week, Arshi won it reasonable and square in the wake of losing to Sapna Chaudhary last time.

The challengers were then made a request to think about who said harsh words in regards to them. Just a couple could make the correct figure however Arshi was left exceptionally hurt on learning Sabyasachi thought she was a transgender. She conversed with Vikas about it who revealed to her that since this has influenced her so much, individuals will utilize it against her everytime they need to close her down.

The padosis were additionally disgraced by Salman for not having the capacity to finish the 'straightforward undertaking' of putting on a show to be a genuine family. They will never again get resistance from expulsion in the up and coming a month.

Puneesh and Bandgi were additionally caught sharing a romantic moment in the dead of the night and clasping hands.

Hiten begs Arshi to quit badgering him with all her being a tease and call him adorable names. While he was attempting to control his chuckling, the disappointment in his voice was unmistakable. Notwithstanding, Arshi gets over everything with her very own healthy giggle. We don't figure he will be freed of her at any point in the near future.

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