Bigg Boss 11 Deepika Padukone Sunny Leone Sapna Choudhary


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Bigg Boss 11 Deepika Padukone Sunny Leone Sapna Choudhary

Salman Khan makes advances on the sage and immediately tells the gathering of people that Deepika Padukone will go into the house. Before long Deepika strolls in the house and meets the challengers who are overpowered with her quality. She doles out undertakings to the housemates. She initially calls Akash Dadlani and requests that he perform. The assignment requires Akash to breathe in helium gas and after that sing.

Akash makes a bizarre voice which makes everybody giggle. Deepika Padukone adores Akash for being such a game.

Deepika Padukone at that point asks Arshi what's perilous on the planet. Arshi says uneven love. Deepika welcomes Arshi and Hiten to the stage. She turns the tables and requests that Hiten ask Arshi out and convey Om Shanti Om's popular discourse. Arshi gets excessively energized.

Deepika Padukone at that point requests that Sapna Chaudhary perform.

Deepika gives Sapna the privilege to rebuff somebody. Sapna takes Akash's name. Presently, Akash has been given binds which he needs to wear till Bigg Boss' next declaration.

Deepika requests that the housemates take one individual's name who has Padmavati qualities. Shilpa gets greatest votes.

Deepika next asks who has the capacities like Raja Ratan Singh. Everybody takes Hiten's name.

Presently she asks who is Alauddin Khilji, the antagonist of the house. Generally individuals took Vikas Gupta's name. Hina says he ruined connections and that is the reason he merits the title.

In any case, a large portion of the hopefuls pick Punesh and henceforth, Deepika announces him as the Alauddin Khilji.

Deepika goes out however before leaving, she performs on Ghoomar tune from Padmavati.

Puneesh and Bandgi plan to demonstrate to the housemates that they are terrible. Shilpa, Akash and Arshi get into a verbal spat over who did what and who wasn't right. Akash substantiates himself right however Shilpa and Arshi contend that he doesn't comprehend what's going on.

Salman goes into the house through the TV. He takes Akash's case. Salman asks Puneesh that how could he transform into a scoundrel.

Salman at that point requests that the housemates think about who might go out. As he leaves the house, he tries Ghoomar however flops in the endeavor. Consequently, he calls Deepika on the phase to perform and show him.

Salman asks Deepika how can she feel about functioning with Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the third time. At that point he asks her was the means by which was it working with Ranveer Singh. Deepika clears up there are no scenes amongst her and Ranveer.

Salman rehashes a similar sentence thrice – There are no scenes in the film of Deepika and Ranveer together.

Salman questions Deepika who might she need to stall out with in a lift. Deepika says she would stall out with Salman and he gets truly cheerful.

Salman asks who might she slaughter wed or date – Shahid, Ranveer or Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Deepika takes slaughter Shahid as he is hitched, wed Sanjay Leela Bhansali and date Ranveer.

Deepika asks Salman who might he date Katrina or her. The performer takes the two names and afterward say will execute them both too.

Salman asks Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde to come in Sultani Akhada and battle with each other.

The two candidates need to share their interpretation of why the other contender isn't useful for the show. Whosoever wins the skirmish of words and gets more votes from the housemates will win.

Hina and Shilpa now have a mud battle. The two need to push the other into the mud pit.

Shilpa loses first round. Hina gets first point. In the second round, Hina falls into the pit, Shilpa wins two adjusts and wins. In the third round, Hina and Shilpa need to battle utilizing hands, and whosoever wins gets 3 focuses. Hina leaves the ring, Shilpa wins.

Salman gets back on the stage. He solicits Akash to get free from the sleeves. Salman requests that Sapna turn out since she is the main individual who isn't dynamic in the house and is not really noticeable. Be that as it may, would he say he is truly expelling her?
Salman at long last uncovers Sapna is sheltered yet it is Benafsha who has been removed for this present week.

Hina and Priyank separate. The two trade a warm embrace with Benafsha before saying farewell. Whole house comes to state bye to Benafsha. Priyank cries that Benafsha turned into his propensity in the house. He separates

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