Catching the Latest Onscreen Flicks with the Aid of Cable TV Providers


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Catching the Latest Onscreen Flicks with the Aid of Cable TV Providers

In the world today, there aren’t many individuals who willingly choose to forsake the many visual and auditory pleasures afforded by the host of Movie & TV Show offerings that happen to be popularly available. Against the many stifling, existential pressures of modern-day living, the number of cathartic avenues that allow individuals to vent through their mediums are strikingly limited. For people who don’t have a continuous access to these routes of escapism, continuing on with life can seem like a chore –a real-life scenario bound to end in exaggerated states of depression and other forms of psychological trauma for the deprived subject. Luckily for the contemporary man, the new-age implement of the television (particularly when it comes coupled with the onscreen services offered by cable tv providers in my area) can provide an inexpensive means for avoiding such a semblance of what can only be cautiously referred to as a ‘life’ devoid of much inspiration, or drive.

A Singularly American Affair?

For Americans, the choices (and the opportunities) for indulging in one exciting blockbuster Movie or TV Show hit after another are plenty. One big reason for this issueis the presence of a number of prestigious motion-picture production houses in the country; with Hollywood casting a virulent influence on the performing-arts genre as it continues to unfold within the film industries of virtually every other national community in the world. The demands for stellar acting, intricate plot lines, cutting-edge graphics and addictive musical scores are some of the few conditions-of-good-production that Hollywood likes to regularly enforce on directors and producers working within its ambit; with the Annual Academy Awards (more popularly known as ‘The Oscars’) being one of the more notorious and accredited platforms where such casting measures are seen to bear fruit.

Addressing the Innovations in Screening Technologies

Nowadays, Optimum Cable Customer Service providers choose to collaborate with movie production houses to make their productions accessible to their subscribers as soon as they get released. With the advent of internet-enabled TV streaming solutions like Netflix and Hulu, that feature some of the latest motion-picture hits supplemented with crisp HD resolution displays and surround-sound add-ons, the entire cinematic experience has shifted from the traditional (hall-based) film ‘screening arenas’ affair to the domestic settings of screen enthusiasts.

The provision of the aforementioned nifty streaming services is not, however, only limited to the American continent. With the use of a credit card (or any other international mechanism of transferring payments), TV-watchers resident in other countries can also avail these internet-based facilities instantly. A Smart TV is generally required to enjoy the numerous and diverse offerings of multimedia content made available through these services; although a big-screened notebook, tablet or mobile device can also suffice.

Enjoying the Luxury Afforded by Premium Channels

Over the last few decades, premium channel production studios like HBO, STARZ and SHOWTIME etc. have largely been engaged with producing an exciting (and emotionally/empirically gripping) collection of TV Show seasons. Screen favorites like the Game of Thrones, House of Cards and Penny Dreadfulseries’ (among many other shows now deemed to be ‘classics’ within their respective narrative genres) continue to wield their gripping influence on the minds of countless individuals all over the world, and point to the viral impact of Premium Channels on the showbiz industry at large. Many of these publically and critically acclaimed show offerings have also generated a lot of buzz in the publishing (print) industry, with entire book trilogies and customer-merchandize collections luring in millions of dollars every year – by cashing-in on their rampant popularity within the consumer-market sphere. On a side note, some of these TV seasons have also evoked a small number of fatalities in their audience bases – with several psychologically challenged individuals having even resorted to suicide when being forced to wait for the next episode in their storylines.

What Drives Cable TV Companies…

When making sense of their marketing and/or sales decisions, it is worth bearing in mind that the bulk of Cable TV Providers (operational all across the globe) are primarily business concerns. What this facet of their general functioning entails is that they are motivated by an over-arching desire to increase their profit yields. In order to achieve this understandable goal, most of these commercial enterprises take great strides to incorporate as many extra-service features (such as FREE TV Apps, instant-streaming movie catalogs, and 24/7 customer support services) within their subscription plans, as possible. Many Cable-industry analysts, who spend a great deal of time in analyzing market-trends and projecting forecasts, have consistently charted a positive correlation between the number of service features provided by a particular Cable TV venture, and the annual increases in its subscriber base.

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