​Fall Seven times stand up eight a never give up attitude


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​Fall Seven times stand up eight a never give up attitude

Challenges shape us. They mould us in a better form. Sometimes we are just close enough to our targets but we only give up and lose it. It is our attitude during that one second which decides about victory and forfeit.

What hurts you today,makes you stronger tomorrow. Don't allow emotions to change your judgement.

Why does the "give up " attitude comes on your journey to achieve success?

1. Fear:
We all have a fear. Some consume it and some embrace it to complete their dreams. But the difference between the two is that the one who consumes it end up living for their dreams while the one who embrace it emerge as a stronger person and more likely to be on the path of success. The fear remains till you don't do it.

2. Confidence:
As soon as your confidence becomes low, a thought of "give up" pops up in your mind. It was you who decided to start the journey to achieve your success and a low confident person can never decide to do so.
So, keep pushing yourself every day. Only you need to cross your limits. I realized that if I don’t take control of the day, the day takes control of me. The more people I talk to, the better confident i am. If you have prepared yourself for 99 failures then confidence is just a by-product along with your success.

3. Comfort zone:
The give up attitude comes because you start falling in love with your comfort and comfort zone is like cancer. It is the most dangerous zone in one's life. You go into comfort zone because you stick to your habits and routine. If you come out of it, it gives you a chance to grow. Challenge yourself, try new things, take risks - you will never go back to comfort zone.

4. When efforts don't bring the desired outputs:
You give up mostly because the efforts you are putting doesn't bring the desired outputs. But that is not the correct way to succeed. No matter how long it takes to reach your destination, you should be consistent enough for putting your efforts. Do until you make it. Your "dreams" should be strong enough that your efforts should never let you down.