How to Remotely Listen and Record Phone Surroundings

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How to Remotely Listen and Record Phone Surroundings

Do you remember the controversy behind intercepting the text messages on the Android phone? Well, Android spy apps have come out of the age now and offer more than just text interception.Xnspy phone surroundings app offers a feature to listen to the surroundings of an Android phone without getting anywhere near it.Xnspy is one such app that offers a feature to listen to the surroundings of an Android phone without getting anywhere near it. This feature works even if the other person is not on the call. This is not like other spying apps for Android in India.

This software has been developed for the parents to monitor their kids and keep an eye on suspicious employees. Xnspy has made it easy for you to see if your employee is doing his job or wasting time in gossiping with the coworkers. This function works by accessing the target phone’s microphone to listen in on everything else that is happening near them. It can even record this audio and store it for later use.


There are no hard-to-follow prerequisites to operate this feature. But before you use this function, make sure that the target phone you wish to monitor must haveXnspy installed and theinternet enabled on its device.

How to record surrounding using Xnspy Android spying app:

Below is the step-by-step procedure of remotely listening to the phone surroundings of an Android phone.

Step 1:Subscribe

Subscribe to the Xnspy just like other Android spy apps by picking the right version for the target Android phone.

Step 2:Install

Install the app on the target phone using the download link and following download instructions. Although the app is compatible with all the available versions of Android, still you can check your phone’s compatibility on their website. (Reminder! You don’t need to root your device to install xnspy)

Step 3:Log in

Log into your Xnspy web account by entering your account credentials.

Step 4:Locate the Surround record tool

On the left side of your account screen, you will find a list of features. Sift through the features and you will find the “Remote Control” option at the end of the list. When you select this feature, it will show four different options on the left side of the screen including the “Record Surround” option.

Step 5:Using the Record Surround Feature

Once you locate the feature, click on the feature and a command box will appear prompting you about the number of minutes you want to record the surroundings of the phone. Enter the number of minutes you wish to listen and it will start recording. You can also download the Xnspy’s app for your Android mobile to give commands remotely through your phone.

Step 6: Listening to the Recordings

To listen to the recorded file, choose the feature of ‘Record Surround’ from the feature list on the left side of the screen. A list of recorded files will appear. You can select any recorded file to listen.

(Note: You will require VLC media player to play the downloaded files)

By following all the above stated steps, you will be able to record and listen to an Android phone’s surroundings and download and save them.

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