Koffee With Karan Review


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Koffee With Karan Review

Koffee with Karan is a talk show on Star world, India and is one of the most popular shows in television till date. Despite its controversies, this show always attracts a lot of attention because of its guests, the kind of topics discussed in the show and the host, Karan, who is one of the influential names in Bollywood. There have been five seasons and all the seasons have managed to be equally popular.

It is a good show and a show that a typical Bollywood follower will love. All the gossip and scandals, the real face of the stars and their life on screen and off screen are discussed in detail in a show that spans one hour. The show has seen the biggest stars like SRK, Aishwarya Rai, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar and many others and almost all the big names one can think of in Bollywood. Many call it over-rated, but it is not as no other show in the history of television has seen the biggest names come together and be their true selves in front of a camera that has a whole India as an audience. Only Karan Johar has managed to bring all the stars who are loved by India in the same place. He may now have heavy competition from Kapil Sharma and Neha Dhupia who have their own shows with their own loyal audience, but this show is unique because it is full of glamour and fun and it is not an everyday sight that stars like Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif agree to come to the same show and episode and share screen space and really open up to Karan and the audience. Stars like Katrina who earlier confessed in earlier episodes that interviews are not something she exactly enjoys came forward this season and gave more truthful and spontaneous answers than before. Even Aishwarya Rai who had come in one of the earlier seasons with Abhishek Bachchan said she agreed to come only because it was Karan who is a dear friend to her.

The latest season of the show was different from the previous ones. It represented the society we live in today. The guests were more vocal about their life, relationships and there was a sexual undertone in the show which was enjoyed by a few sections, but a few people even criticized Karan for asking stars about their darkest secrets and asking them about their sex lives. Karan tweeted in October, 2017 that he will come back for season 6 and there were a few cold responses for his tweet. However, we don’t have to worry about his TRPs because the same people who talk badly about the show watch it too and that is what you call hypocrisy my dear.

The only not so positive aspect of the show is people are discussed openly and this may not necessarily be taken lightly by the people who are being spoken about. Deepika Padikone who came with Priyanka in one of the seasons said stars lack a sense of humour. The fact remains that whether people like the show or not, the show will go on. Nepotism also became a controversial topic on the show in season 5 with Kangana Renaut calling Karan the movie mafia. This controversy later invited another set of controversies. If you want to see Karan get up, close and personal with the stars, get ready for the sixth season. Are you waiting just like us?

The other point to be noted is that Karan only invites the people he connects with or his friends to the show. There are so many other celebrities who would want to be on the show who may not have been invited on the show. I would like to see Ileana D’Cruz and other stars like Disha Patani who are also on their way to super stardom. Season 5 also had a segment called ‘Kiss with Arjun’ where the celebrities had to kiss Arjun Kapoor on the cheek if the answer was yes for the questions asked by Karan. Though Arjun added the fun element, we got the impression that we are seeing the same faces again and again which can be a negative thing about the show.

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