Love From A Distance


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Love From A Distance

Due to today’s busy times, people have switched to mobiles and social media to keep in touch. It is a virtual world far away from real. So, it is difficult to establish real connections as people are busy saving themselves, there is absolutely no time for those deep conversations you crave for and it is challenging to get close via technology.

So, when it becomes difficult to meet even your close friends and loved ones, loneliness can get into the mind. It is at these times that we sometimes end up messaging people and we get upset if they also don’t make an effort. Your messages don’t go as planned because either people are genuinely busy or they have changed or moved on from you. It is at this time we would rather have bad company than no company.

This is probably the worst mistake you can make because you need to spend time with people who bring out the best in you. In our life, thanks to the many events and experiences, we meet different people and we always like some people, some are our friends and we wish to keep in touch with these people. But, thanks to our demanding lives, we can never really keep in touch with people like how we thought we would.

Life is filled that deadly thing called uncertainty, it is better if we chase our dreams instead of chasing people because the people who belong to your life will come back how far ever go. Over the years, I just realized I have been slightly demanding as a friend and now I realize that we should let everything go and see what stays. That way, we gain self-respect and we understand who belongs to our life. My life has been pretty awesome and I got to meet some great people in this journey.

There have been times I have expected people to message and sometimes I have been grumpy when people don’t message. Now, I realize that it is because they are busy with their families and work, they are busy saving themselves or they simply don’t care. If a friend or a loved one uses the term busy on you, it is time you understand they don’t care as people simply make time for whom they like. We always remember people or friends thanks to the thousand memories we have with them. So, next time you wait for a message instead of starting the conversation, you twist the story a bit. You will get to know the truth about who still thinks about you and it will be difficult to digest that the people you thought care about you actually don’t. So honey, the next time, make it a point that you are the one who gets the message or call or email.

So don’t message people, just love them from a distance. The real meaning of loving people from a distance is to still like the person, accept the person and not think about them too much. I know you want to be loved by the people you love just like me. What’s more important? Love that is forced and fought for or self respect? At this stage, I choose self-respect. So, go ahead, love all those people from a distance and most importantly, focus on yourself.

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