Top best 5 Robot Vacuums of 2018

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Top best 5 Robot Vacuums of 2018

Many of us here who actually don't like the cleaning and stuff but since cleanliness is an essential part of living we have to do it whether we want to or not. With all the advancements in technology, in cleaning also there are things which have actually made our lives easier. One of the techniques which help in cleaning is Vacuum Cleaner and its advance version is even better which is known as the "The Robot Vacuums". This advanced version of the vacuum cleaner has made life certainly a lot of easier since such kind of vacuums is capable of cleaning even the smallest particles such as pet hair and needles and etc. These robotic vacuums are just any house help you had at your home. They work on voice command, they will clean your space, dump the waste and make their way to the charging point when needed.

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Since there are already many options to make our life easier why not to take benefits from them? Hence, few of the option for Robot Vacuums are listed to make you a little less troubled in choosing the perfect cleaner for your house. So let's get started:

1. Ecovas Deebot N795:
This robot vacuum offers a powerful cleaning with the voice activation and also takes Amazon Alexa(an electrical voice operated worker) voice command. The price which you have to pay for it just commendable and really affordable. You can also control it from the remote control and from your Smartphone too and has a battery life of 95 minutes so you can schedule it and ask the robot to clean before you come home.

2. Eufy RoboVac11:
Unlike other vacuums, this robot vacuum is just very quiet, unless you are in the same room while cleaning you will not hear anything from it. You don't even have to raise the voice of TV or Speaker while the vacuum is cleaning. Also, this Eufy RoboVac11 is a smart built which let him go to the charging place itself when needed to be charged. The circular shape of this vacuum makes it ideal for cleaning under the low sitting furniture too. Just one thing that it takes a little longer to get fully charged but at this price you are actually getting a nice product.

3. iRobot Roomba:
This Robot Vaccum is also one of the vacuum cleaners which provides powerful cleaning with good navigation skills and has a battery life of 75 minutes. It has a voice command support which makes it take commands from you as well as the voice-operated system such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also shows you the detailed view of cleaned places.

4. Eufy RoboVac 11s:
This is also one of the workings quietly and does not make noise while cleaning just other vacuums do. Your guests won't even know that is a cleaning going on and your place will be cleaned nicely since it provides a powerful cleaning too. Its compact built and design makes it more dependable and with that compact design, it is capable of cleaning under the low furniture and the places you can't reach easily. This Vacuum has a very good battery life, the frills-free robot which comes at a very affordable price. You also get remote control and voice control in this vacuum.

5. iLife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner:
With scheduling options and multiple cleaning modes, you can schedule this when going out or be going to the office or just sleeping, and this vacuum cleaner will clean up the mess before you wake up from your sleep or come home. The compact size and powerful battery backup help in giving you a powerful cleaning experience and can clean under lower areas where you couldn't reach by yourself.

Vacuum cleaners were a revolutionary invention and made our life surely very easy and gave us good cleaning in less time. When the cleaning stuff is done in less time, you get a little more to relax. The robot vacuums are the advance option for vacuums and are way smarter than normal vacuum cleaners. The list will explain you the features and best product you can take on for your apartment or office or any other place where you need cleaning within your budget.