7 Factors to Consider When Buying Sexy Lingerie Sets

Many women are aware of the range of options that are available for sexy lingerie. It is therefore essential to note that these sexy costumes can be both comfortable and practical.

7 Factors to Consider When Buying Sexy Lingerie Sets

However, you need to know some of the buying tips before you choose one. When you are buying your sheer lingerie, ensure that you consider your preferences. Also, it is essential to note that lingerie has the power to either make or break your style.

Since lingerie come in different sizes, designs, and types, many factors should be considered before buying:

Consider the tummy

If you have a pot belly, you should ensure that you have chosen dark-colored lingerie. Also, you can decide to pick opaque or sheer lingerie. Draw away attention from your tummy by emphasizing your shoulders and neckline. So, it is recommended to buy negligees that are in dark colors.

Think about legs and thighs

For petites, pick a high-cut leg designs that will create an illusion of longer and fuller legs. If you’re gunning for a sexier, more seductive look, a fitting and skimpy little thong will do the trick. This will not only make your legs appear longer but slimmer as well. For those who hate their big thighs or the plumpness in their bottoms, opt for a dressing gown that covers up the fullness of your bottoms to create an illusion of slimmer legs. Stay away from styles that hug tightly to the lower part of your body as this will only emphasize the roundness. Divert attention from your lower body to your upper body by wearing a bustier or anything that would emphasize your breasts.

Do not forget the breast size

When you are choosing your lingerie, breast size should never be forgotten. Unlike in the other female anatomy parts, the bust line is one of the parts that attract a lot of attentions. That is why you are required to select lingerie that compliments your breasts. Also, if you have big boobs, you are supposed to pick lingerie that fits your breasts and does not squeeze them.

Pick the complementary colors

You may love the thought of you in baby doll lingerie, but will it really suits you? Understand what colors are complementary for your hair and skin tone. A quick Google search should be able to provide the answers if you can’t figure them out yourself. When it doubt, always fall back on black.

Do not overlook the fabric and design

Thumb rule: if it doesn’t feel nice in your hands, don’t buy it. If it feels nice to the touch, it will feel nice on your body. Cotton is soft but a tad too boring for a special occasion purchase. Leather is fun but significantly harder to fit. Laces, satin and silk are always safe choices. Too much detail on the item may be bulky to walk around in while ribbons and frill may be too much for you.


Check the waist and hips

For women who feel they do not have curves to flaunt, two-piece lingerie will do the trick. They create an illusion of a curvaceous, hourglass figure.

Theme of the lingerie

You need to also keep in mind that you have to look into the theme-based lingerie options. You can opt for role-playing as well such as being a Korean lingerie model. This will demand a different type of erotic lingerie rather than the normal one. This is the reason why you have to always look into the lingerie and thereafter take a call.

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