Moissanite Jewellery Trends Popularity Compare To Diamond

Diamond has always been the favorite stone for engagement rings, but in the new era of gems, there has been a commendable replacement, Moissanite.

The monopoly or over-favoritism of diamond has been challenged by Moissanite, a meteor crater, and a very rare & scarce mineral. People have been preferring the later stone over the diamond for some time now. 


Every individual wants to propose her girlfriend or to-be-wife with a beautiful solitaire ring, but couldn’t accomplish their wish as they find diamond unaffordable. This happens to be earlier, now there is no barrier to expressing their love in the most passionate way as a cheaper and contemporary option is available in the form of Moissanite.


Texas-based Matt Henry- a young techie and her partner- who’s in her mid 20’s, reviewed the selection of moissanite over the diamond for engagement for various reasons. They said, moissanite is eco-friendly, conflict-free, and costs much less than a standard diamond. Also, the look of both stones is quite similar.


Shape & Texture- Head of Marketing & Branding a Moissanite manufacturing company said, “distinguishing the difference between two gems can be difficult if you’re not a pro”. ‘“Moissanite can be picked only by an expert’s eyes with a loop”.

When the appearance of both the stones are compared, diamonds are a little harder in texture than moissanite, but both are clear and white gems. Moissanite gets better over a diamond in terms of brilliance. 


There are various shapes of moissanite, Round, Oval, etc.


Round- Round moissanite looks almost similar to a real diamond as the shape is mimicable without any variations. Rounds imitate the exact measurements of the diamond at each carat weight. This indicates that for the round shape moissanite, a buyer not only has to refer to the weight of the moissanite as 2 carats but also by its millimeter size. The difference can be picked with the better sparkle and brilliance of moissanite over the diamond.


Oval- Oval moissanite is a little more noticeable from the contemporary diamonds. The oval moissanite appears “shorter” than traditional oval cut diamonds. For instance, a 2-carat oval diamond would be 10mm long x 7 mm wide compared to a 2-carat oval moissanite which is 9mm long x 7mm wide.

Whether its texture or shape, both features of Moissanite is winning over a diamond. Who would refuse a lookalike diamond lesser than a real diamond? Moissanite has been seen setting trends in popularity since people have been accessing this precious gem higher than ever.


Precision- Taking off eyes from diamond jewelry is the least possible imagination, but a similar stone with better precision can afford this possibility. Since Moissanite is a naturally occurring or say a gift of stars, they are available for the in vitro precision method. They can be built and transformed into a lab condition.


Price- If looked from the top, both stones of the same size, moissanite is exclusively lower in cost than diamonds of that size. Moissanite stones typically have a variety of prices based on size and quality Premium or Super Premium of Moissanite.


Natural of artificial diamonds have a price variance based on shape, cut, carat, clarity, and color. Artificial diamonds have an advantage over natural diamonds in terms of affordability. 


Sourcing- Since moissanite is lab-created or in vitro products, it can be a lucrative option for those seeking an eco-friendly gem as they need no mining.


On the other hand, a real diamond can only be accessed after mining. This may lead to soil erosion and other environmental problems. Also, the degradation of diamonds is a long process. This would not only be a pricey option, but also a non-eco-friendly selection as well.


A gem or stone gets popular over a while, and it all depends on its features and properties. Diamond has been a long-existing gemstone, but as quickly moissanite has gained popularity and preference over diamond is commendable.

With most of the features and properties, Moissanite has become the most preferred stone for engagement rings across the world among all age groups. But, Millennials are highly attracted to the use of the gift of stars. 

The reason for the change in accessing a stone over Diamond is mainly because today’s generation is more rational and notional. They trust in gems that less pricey, but give tough competition to its counterpart in terms of features and properties.


They understand that their main enjoyment is in celebrating the occasion, rather than buying a costly stone. They want to make their engagement and weddings lavish, rather than an ornament. 


Moissanite with its better feature will always have a soft corner among gemstone buyers. But, at the same time, the diamond will have its audience base, which probably can shift to moissanite.

Make your engagement exclusive with the trending gemstone, Moissanite!

Author Bio:  ashish s. Founder of | Share Moissanite& Diamond Knowledge & Expertise last 10 years. Explore latest jewelry trends in the market.

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