3 Ways to Keep Your Wigs Smooth, Shiny and Strong

A wig needs no less care than your natural hair if you want it to be soft, lustrous, and durable. Only by being treated with care and proper products can your wig stay stylish and healthy-looking, providing you confidence and pleasure.

3 Ways to Keep Your Wigs Smooth, Shiny and Strong

Knowing how to maintain your wig in the right way can not only bring you natural beauty but also extend the lifespan of the wig, thereby reducing the expenses of purchasing new wigs every now and then.

Get ready to turn your wig into a stunner with extra longevity.

Common problems and causes

It is not hard to discover that wigs are particularly prone to become dry, frizzy, dull, or tangled. Three problems showing up at the same time is not at all surprising. Even a well-made 100% human hair wigs cannot stay away from these problems.

Unlike our natural hair growing on the head, which is rooted in our scalp and can get nutrition and moisture constantly, a wig, made of synthetic or human hair, has no self-contained nutrients because of the absence of naturally secreted sebum. Therefore, taking care of your wig is of significant importance. What you can do for your wig determines how it turns out to be. Factors like improper haircare, sun exposure, chemicals, excessive styling, and hard water can also affect the wig to varying degrees.

 A wig will never have naturally occurring oil to nourish itself. We cannot change this, but there are many other aspects we can deal with to beautify the appearance and improve the durability of the wig.
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Cleaning is the basic step of wig maintenance. If a wig is dirty or cleaned incorrectly, it will be completely ruined, let alone the shininess, smoothness, or long lifespan you wish to see.

Before washing a human hair wig, you need to gently comb it with a wide-tooth comb. If there are tangles, use your fingers or this comb to detangle it carefully. Harsh combing or tearing the strands apart with too much force will worsen it and lead to severe hair shedding. To get rid of the tangles and not damage the hair, you can detangle a small section at one time until the whole wig is tangle-free. Remember to brush the hair bottom up as gently as possible, just like what you do to your own hair. The wig is less likely to be damaged and shed by combing the hair ends first.

Chances are that there are still some stubborn tangles hanging around after these procedures. Under this circumstance, try the help of wig detangler spray, which is specifically designed to return silky texture to wig hair. More effective detanglers are those with olive oil, tea tree oil, green tea extract, shea butter, or jojoba oil.

It is recommended to clean your wig after about 6 wears and wash it once every two weeks. First, fill the basin with lukewarm water and add some shampoo to lather. To protect the wig, use wig shampoo rather than chemical-laden regular shampoos when washing it. Seeing enough foam on top of the water, it is time to put your wig in. Dampen it and gently scrub the hair and the base on the reverse side. Rinse the wig with running water in the same direction as the wig hair until it is clean so it doesn’t get tangled again. Please do not brush or comb the wig when wet; otherwise, hair shedding follows right after, and the hair knot will be too fragile to hold the hair.


Ensure there is no shampoo residue on your wig, and apply professional conditioners for wigs to the mid-lengths of the hair. Let the hair absorb the conditioner to lock the moisture, gradually move to the hair end, and do the same thing. Make sure hair strands are moisturized with the conditioner evenly. Conditioners specially made for wigs can help the wig restore moisture, keeping it smooth and lustrous.

Wait for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off, and your wig will be revitalized as if born anew. If you are worried about color fading, choose Back2Natural color conditioners from #Superhairpieces specially manufactured for stabilizing colors such as brown and blonde from light to dark, correcting unwanted red, orange, and gold tones, and smoothing hair simultaneously.

Deep condition

A powerful leave-in conditioner is needed to give your wig a deeper level of nourishment and make it manifest a healthy and gorgeous glow. While a wig conditioner feels like a looser lotion with more fluidity, a leave-in conditioner is usually a spray. It can be applied to a wig after washing and before styling or anytime in the usual as long as it’s clean.

After shampooing, conditioning, and rinsing your wig, it’s cleansed.

  1. Remove excess water on the wig by patting it with a towel instead of shaking, twisting, or wringing it, which can result in deformation and abnormal shedding.
  2. Put the wig in a steady and secure place, like a wig stand or a mannequin head.
  3. Spray the leave-in conditioner on the lower and middle part of the hair and gently massage it.
  4. Wait for it to air dry. Please do not use a hair dryer.

The quality of the leave-in conditioner you use directly influences how good your wig can be. Here are five tried-and-true products for your reference:

  1. BeautiMark Pure Care: With collagen, vitamin B5, grapefruit peel oil, and Cananga odorata flower oil, this leave-in conditioner protects wig hair from heat and dryness while preventing tangles.
  2. Wet-N-Wavy: Core ingredients vitamins A & E endow this conditioner spray with excellence in hydrating and locking moisture, offering a healthy and natural movement for the wig.
  3. BOBOS Remi: One rich in jojoba oil and macadamia oil, another containing abundant lavender oil and argan oil; conditioners of this brand improve the overall health of wig hair and add extra softness that lasts long.
  4. Back2Natural: Plant-based protein and vitamin B5 featuring the leave-in conditioner it intensely hydrates and deeply nourishes hair, making the hair silky, shiny, and nice-looking.
  5. Walker Tape: Replenishing moisture, reducing color fading, and smoothing the hair strands is just a piece of cake for this leave-in conditioner. It is bestowed with the goodness of rosemary oil, panax ginseng root extract, ginko biloba extract, and sunflower seed oil.

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. Be mindful of what you do to your wig in your daily routine; it will be more manageable, smooth, and long-lasting. Take care of your crown!

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